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Introducing: Office Furnishing Solutions

25 years ago, we started off as a preowned office furniture company. Since then, we've branched out considerably to meet the needs of our consumers.

We're incredibly proud to introduce the new face of our family of companies: Office Furnishing Solutions.

With an ever-changing world, businesses must be prepared to face whatever changes await them. As we reach a monumental 25 years in business, we've decided to pave a new road for our future.

In 1995, Recycled Office Environments was founded in an attempt to make use of the thousands of tons of office furniture that was ending up in landfills. Throughout the years, we've noticed shifts in the needs of our consumers. To accommodate for these needs, we founded our two other companies: Segmented Systems Mfg. and Resource One Installation & Services.

This year, we've decided to bring our family of companies under one roof in an attempt to clarify the breadth of products and services we can provide. Now brought together as Office Furnishing Solutions, we are a full-service office furnishing dealer and manufacturer aiming to adapt to the needs of our consumers in ways that make an impact.

For information about what kinds of products and services we can provide, please visit our websites.

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