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How to Reduce the Spread of Infectious Diseases in the Workplace

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The emergence of Coronavirus in 2020 has fundamentally changed the way we look at safety in the workplace. A lot of businesses have moved out of the office temporarily to help keep their employees safe, but how do businesses continue to foster a safe environment when employees return to the office?

To inform yourself and learn the best ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19, please visit the CDC website.

We’re currently experiencing a huge change in the workplace. Reducing the spread of infectious diseases is on everyone’s minds, and doing so at the workplace is of utmost importance to employers.

In order to best protect yourself and others in the workplace, there are a few precautionary steps you can take, either as an employer or as an employee.

Wear a Mask

First and foremost, the best thing you can do at the workplace to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19 is to wear a mask. According to the CDC, wearing a cloth face covering is the best way to spread infectious diseases from person-to-person. Whenever you’re near coworkers or interacting with customers, a face covering should be worn.

Spread Out

Social Distancing is a term that has become extremely popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is that if you keep your distance from others, you will reduce the spread of infectious diseases. In some cases, this involves keeping a social distance of 6-feet from others at any given time. However, the more the better. If you’re able to spread out in the workplace, ensuring employees have plenty of space between them, the chance of spreading infectious diseases will be significantly reduced. For more information on how we can design spaces for you that take this into account for free, visit us here.

Make a Plan and Provide Resources

Contagious diseases don’t always mean employees need to stop working. Make a plan for when employees get sick for them to work from home if they might be out of the office for some time. Whenever it is possible for a disease to be spread at the workplace, it is better off that they stay home. If possible, have resources on hand that the employees can use to effectively work from home in a pinch.

Sanitize and Disinfect

Especially at shared spaces like receptionist stations and conference tables, be sure to disinfect surfaces and anything else that is high contact like keyboards, writing utensils, phones, etc. While according to the CDC, most cases of Covid-19 are spread person-to-person, it is possible for the disease to be spread through “touching a surface that has the virus on it.” Know the risks, wash your hands and keep things clean and disinfected.

Install High Panels or Social Distancing Screens

When spreading out is impossible or inconvenient, the next best thing is to have high cubicle panels or Social Distancing Screens installed in the workplace. If you’re looking for privacy, high panels or opaque screens are best. If you’re looking for open spaces, transparent acrylic screens are for you. Keep the workplace safe and look good while doing it.

While Coronavirus brought with it a slew of challenges to the workplace, it is good to learn something from it and make lasting change to plan for the future. For help planning your work spaces and for products to help you do it, contact Office Furnishing Solutions, your go-to provider in the Midwest.

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