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10 Benefits of an Adjustable-Height Desk

It's no secret that sitting too much is bad for you.

In our world, it is common to find ourselves at the office from 8-5. During this time, we are likely sitting: working at our desks, attending meetings, eating lunch, or lounging in thinking spaces.

Adjustable Height Desk by Office Furnishing Solutions

We spend most of our day sitting, but not because we want to necessarily. Work spaces have been like this for hundreds of years and it's what we're hard-wired to know.

Ever since the first office chair as we know it today was invented, we haven't really been able to move away from the idea of sitting at your desk until recently.

While the idea of a standing desk isn't exactly a new idea (as implemented by one our founding fathers), the concept of having full control over the height of your desk, allowing people of all shapes and sizes to quickly adjust the height of their desk to meet their needs is revolutionary.

The emergence of popular adjustable-height desks and sit-stand converters is changing the way we work at the office for the better. So what exactly are the benefits to having one at your work station?

1. The Power of Choice

Sometimes, all it takes is to have the ability to choose the feel of your workstation.

Many of us have probably encountered a problem that we were stumped on, or a creative direction wasn't quite sitting right with us. Sometimes, all it takes to overcome that problem is to put yourself in a different head space.

With adjustable-height desks, your have the ability to completely change the feel of your work space with the touch of a button. Within a few seconds, you have an entirely different space to work without actually leaving the room, increasing productivity and attitude.

The beauty of an adjustable height desk is the power to choose whether or not you're sitting or standing depending on your mood, workflow, and health status.

2. Increase Productivity

Research has shown that stand-capable desks can increase workplace productivity by 45%.

As mentioned, a change in scenery can vastly increase your ability to move past a problem. On top of that, it has been proven that those who stand at their desks work more efficiently, growing more and more productive over the course of several months.

Who doesn't like a more productive workplace? Not only does it feel good to be productive, but a productive work environment boosts your business.

3. Lower Weight Gain/Obesity Risk

At the end of the day, weight gain is a result of consuming more calories than you burn.

According to a study done in 2014, spending an afternoon standing while working burns roughly 170 Calories more than sitting while working. That's a huge difference! That doesn't even include the energy boosts you get, which we'll talk about later.

Spending only half of your day standing at your desk rather than sitting can help you keep off some weight, and lead a healthier life.

4. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease causes more deaths per year than any other single cause in the United States.

Because of this, Americans should take heart disease risk very seriously. An extensive series of studies proved that sedentary lifestyles have a significantly increased chance of developing heart diseases. Spending more time standing at work using a height-adjustable desk is an easy way to help decrease the risk of developing such a condition.

The health benefits to standing at work, even if only a portion of your day, are undeniable.

5. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

It is common to see blood sugar spikes after eating meals.

Individuals with higher levels of blood sugar spikes have a higher chance of developing diabetes. Previous studies have shown that those spikes were reduced in those that spent more time standing during their work day.

Adjustable-height desks are the answer to this problem, allowing you to take a bit of time after eating to digest and settle back in to work.

6. Accessibility

When designing a work space, accessibility should always be one of your top priorities.

With height-adjustable desks, accessible compatibility has never been easier. Movement-impaired employees can now come to work confident that their work space has the capability to adjust to their needs, regardless of their condition.

With height-adjustable desks in your workplace, you can rest-assured that your work place is designed for anyone.

7. Extend Life Expectancy

They always say that in order to live a long and healthy life, you need to keep moving.

Mobility has been proven to extend life expectancy, particularly through the use of sit-stand desks. A common comparison is that sitting has become to the new smoking, linked to shortening your life-span.

There are so many small changes you can make in your life to prolong your life, and standing more at work is no exception.

8. Improve Mood and Energy

A happy employee is a business-boosting employee.

Standing desks have been shown to have a positive effect on individuals' moods and energy levels overall. A study done in 2011 showed increased mood and energy levels in subjects that decreased their time sitting in the workday.

Being more active gets the juices flowing, and that includes mood-boosting hormones like serotonin.

9. Reduce Back Pain

A lot of back pain is caused by sitting.

Sitting is not exactly a natural position for humans, and our bodies try to tell us that through back pain and other symptoms. While ergonomic technology is getting better and better at compensating for it, nothing beats standing up when it comes to ultimately fixing the problem.

Keep in mind that while in the long run standing at work can reduce back pain, it is important to transition moderately, which brings me to my next point.

10. Easy to Adjust Your Routine

Adjusting to a standing routine is easier with the ability to transition at your fingertips.

While standing desks are phenomenal for the numerous reasons mentioned above, it is probably a bad idea to try to transition from a 100% sitting routine into a 100% standing one. With a height-adjustable desk, you can make the transition at your own pace, choosing how much time you spend sitting versus standing.

The ability to customize your schedule makes a height-adjustable superior to a sitting desk or standing desk independently.

The benefits of having adjustable-height desks are remarkable and numerous.

With increased productivity, both mental and physical health benefits, and accessible work environments, there's no denying that having adjustable-height desks in the workplace is a positive change.

Don't be a sitting duck. Take a stand today and find an adjustable-height desk that fits your style and needs.

For more information about adjustable-height desks, email us at or call us Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at (800) 763-6327.

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